Our goal is to develop concepts and solutions to enhance the value of the tool over its lifetime. EDCO creates an associative 3-Dimensional solid model of the assembled tool. This assembly model provides the basis for each phase of the build process including, analysis, design, manufacturing, inspection and assembly.

Process Simulation

A critical capability for computerized analysis of thermal and fluid flow in the die cast process.

Structural Analysis

We design stronger and better dies using FEA software, which allows “predictive engineering” analysis.

CNC Boring Mills

Our bays include some of the largest and most sophisticated equipment available, including two 160mm boring mills with virtually unlimited weight restrictions, four 130mm horizontal mills and cranes that can handle capacities up to 40 tons. In addition, EDCO is one of the largest die builders in North America equipped with 100% metric tooling to serve the international market.

CNC Machining

Multi-spindle CNC machining speeds efficiencies and increases accuracy. For highly complex and intricate designs our skilled technicians use four-axis machining.

CNC EDM Machines

Our EDM machinery uses the latest technology to create complex die insert impressions with great accuracy.


To verify die steel inspections we utilize DEA Gamma 1102 and Brown and Sharpe Chameleon 765 Coordinate Measuring Machines with the most up-to-date software. In fact, our close-tolerance machining and part-verification techniques using the solid model ensure quality that is second to none.

Die Sampling

Prior to shipment EDCO tests dies on a 3,500-ton die casting machine to ensure the tool is “production ready” when you receive it.

Our 160mm boring mills feature a stationary table with unlimited weight capacity as well as a rotary table with a 40 ton capacity.